My Dad and @gabimoskowitz and @jgmosko's grandfather. The wisest, funniest man I ever knew. I miss him and think of him every day.
  1. "You're a rotten kid."
    Directed with enormous love toward his children and grandchildren only.
  2. "To you and me, it's a few her, it's a living."
    Why you should tip generously.
  3. "Where'd you get that perforated wart?"
    Not every nose in our family looks Jewish.
  4. "Do not look upon the nakedness of your father."
    Has nothing to do with not taking a peek if you're one urinal just means don't criticize him.
  5. "You don't have to test drive a car before you buy it."
    Advice on sexual behavior for young unmarrieds, not auto purchasing.
  6. "I feel terrific!"
    Said every day, no matter how things were actually going.
  7. And if you should happen to grab a Breast....
    the quentiessential Panta wedding toast l, his remedy to the classic marital dilemma of potentially going to bed angry
    Suggested by @jgmosko