These were all given to me by other people. Some are more original than others, but I have good memories of all of them.
  1. Sonny Boy
    My dad gave me this one when I was three or four years old. He used to sing the first two lines of the old Al Jolson song to me. I loved it. It made me feel special. Later in life, I had a chance to listen to the song all the way through. When o heard the last verse ("And the angels were lonely, and they took you because they were lonely...") I was appalled. But I still associate the name with a happy childhood.
  2. Mosko
    That's my son, @jgmosko's nickname now, but it was mine in 7th grade. It fits him better.
  3. Little Larry Brown Eyes
    A stage name. When I was in college, I spent my summers working at a sleepaway camp. Some of us staff members formed a musical group called the Dell Tops. I sang backup vocals.
  4. Larry "The Mosk" Moskowitz
    Got this one at the same camp. It was a Jewish camp. The name was given to me by Judy "The Jew" Edelson.
  5. Daddy-Doo
    Given to me by @gabimoskowitz. I still treasure it.
  6. Daddy Clavell
    Also from @gabimoskowitz. When she was a little girl, I would tuck her in and say "Good night little Goo, thank the Lord you are well." If you know what book that's from, you know how I got the name.
  7. Sweet Baboo
    That's what my wife, @ouizoid, calls me in moments of tenderness and affection.
  8. Moskowitz
    That's what she calls me the rest of the time.
  9. Shitforbrains
    @ouizoid calls me this when I'm in trouble. Attention must be paid; amends must be made.
  10. Lonesome
    A few years ago, my friend Ron and I performed as a duo called the Lonesome Ramblers. I was Lonesome Larry and he was Ramblin' Ron. The act lasted for about a week, but Ron hasn't ever called me by my real name since.