I admit I'm oversimplifying here, but having categories like these helps me understand who I'm dealing with.
  1. DELIGHTFUL. Naturally these are my favorites, so I put them in the D-hole. In fact, let's just call them the "D-hole" people or "D-holes" for short.
  2. CIVIL. Not as much fun to deal with, but not bad. The C-holes.
    By now you probably know where this is going.
  3. BELLIGERENT. Kind of a pain, but usually manageable because they're also not very smart. B-holes.
    Yep. You've got it. You know what's coming next.
  4. ABOMINABLE, AGGRESSIVE, ATROCIOUS. Say it with me....the A-holes.
  5. These folks are awful (hey, another A word!). They will shamelessly claim that black is white or white is black. They'll be, or pretend to be, angry (on a roll now) over things that never happened. Worst of all, they try to get you to be like them.