Now that @gabimoskowitz has outed me as a member of a cowboy band, I can let y'all know about some good things that have happened to me since I became a member of Court'n'Disaster.
  1. I get to wear a really big hat.
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    I've never been big on hats, except when I play golf or go to a ballgame. But I'd feel naked without my cowboy hat during a gig. Maybe that's because everyone else in the band is also wearing western headwear, but I think it's also because I'm just comfortable in it when I'm on stage.
  2. A lot of my friends refer to me as a "rock star."
    Who knows? Maybe they're being ironic, or maybe their knowledge of rock music is about as extensive as my knowledge of country. But it's fun to just nod and smile, though I confess I sometimes have to resist the temptation to say "Thank you...thank you very much" in my best Elvis voice.
  3. All the money my parents sent on piano lessons is finally paying off.
    My mother took me to my first piano lesson when I was four years old. She naturally wanted me to be the next Van Cliburn. I didn't even become the next Victor Borge, but eventually Mom was able to face facts and move on. Sadly, both my parents passed away before I joined Court'n'Disaster , but if they'd lived I know they'd be very proud of the fact that I'm now bringing joy to dozens of people.
  4. I've learned a lot of country songs I'd never heard of before joining the band.
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    I'm not just talking about the original songs on our CD, "Guilty As Charged." We play a lot of covers, many of which are well known to fans of country music, and all of which I really like now.
  5. I got to record an album in a studio used by many famous musicians. Carlos Santana, Charlie Musselwhite, Huey Lewis and the News, and Paul McCartney have all recorded there. Just being in that space, let alone actually playing music there, was awesome.
  6. There's always a lot of blow and hookers backstage.
    Just kidding, @ouizoid.