Thoughts that are in my brain and I need to get out
  1. I wish I had better grammar.
    In grade school I enjoyed Language Arts and now because of technology I often wonder how I can get a sentence out of my mouth.
  2. It's late and I'm still awake.
    It's only 9:30. I'm actually in my bed. What is wrong with me?
  3. Please let Law & Order always be on TV
    I frequently worry about stations taking it off their programming lists. What the hell will I watch?
  4. I hope work goes smoothly tomorrow
    Recently things have been stressful there. I just want to eat ice cream instead.
  5. Why does Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser work so well?
    Are there chemicals in that? How does it? I don't understand?! It's like magic!
  6. I'm glad I have my dog
    She's the best snuggle bug ever!