Reasons why family car rides are fun.

by fun, I mean character building.
  1. Music Selection
    We get to listen to albums we haven't heard in decades. Props to my husband Matt.
  2. Catch Up On Sleep
    Needed or not.
  3. Human pillows and Blackmail Photos
    This is a perfect oportunity for siblings to take pics of one another while they are sleeping.
  4. Family Time
    Learning how to live with one another in VERY close quarters. Tollerance and patience is key to a successful car ride.
  5. Auto-Cargo Engineering
    Packing a car properly is not for everyone. It takes know-how, on the job training, lessons learned, and the ability to match up shapes and sizes. (For the record, empty space can be a certain shape...look for it...persevere)
  6. Record Breaking Opportunities
    Can we really get to our destination on or before the first time quoted, by Google maps? Ready. Set. GO! Competition is healthy even if it's with yourself.
  7. Road Snacks
    Now is the time where anything goes for car ride snacks. Unlimited supply of nuts, chips, drinks, etc. Pretty much a feeding frenzy.
  8. Road Games
    Whether it's playing the alphabet game to pass time, getting 18 wheelers to honk on a packed freeway, or competing for a high score with your siblings, it's all fun and games (until someone gets hurt).
  9. Landmark Watchers
    Enjoy seeing familiar landmarks that let you know how close you are. For parents (mostly), it's nice to see how much things have changed over time.
  10. Laughter. The best part.
    While it's a tight squeeze for 6 of us, there's always something that will make us laugh. Good times.
  11. Lesson On How To Improvise
    It's rare things go as planned. Knowing how to make the best of the situation really promotes creative thinking. One day, ask me about the Galveston grapes on the Seawall. Who knew this moment of desparation would be one of our kid's fondest memories?
  12. State Crossing Celebration
    Hurry, pull over and get a picture of the kids next to the state sign. (We have a lot of these)
  13. Movies and Books
    Opportunities to watch movies with the family or read books. Cell phone free zones.
  14. Remember when...
    Car rides inevitably create 'remember when' stories that sometimes only we know and appreciate.