Better Kings Than King James

These are kings that are better at being kings than Lebron James is
  1. King Hippo
    Very hard to take down unlike Lebron. Plus only had 1 go to move like Lebron.
  2. The Lion King
    Movie and Broadway version.
  3. Prince
    So close to being a king one day so he counts.
  4. King K. Rool
    Donkey Kong knows what I'm talking about.
  5. King Magazine
    I guess.
  6. King Richard
    I mean just look at this guy.
  7. Deck of cards King
    This guy's been around forever and has won a countless number of Wars. Lebron is 2-4 in the finals.
  8. King Lionheart
    Dude's got a LION's heart! C'mon.
  9. Run-DMC
    They're the kings of rock. There is none higher. I checked.
  10. Burger King
  11. King Dedede
    Great character in Smash Bros. Nasty with a mallet.
  12. King Jaffe Joffer
    He wears lions for a shirt. Lebron weeds designer skinny jeans. No contest.