1. Woken joyfully and excitedly leaped from bed
  2. Crossed the room to turn off my special sleep quality monitoring alarm ( that is not my cell phone)
  3. Drink 8oz of water.
  4. Wash my face to clean oils ( that have supposedly dirtied my skin while I sleep)
  5. Meditate. Create a calm mind. Allow no thoughts. (Do so for probably waaaay longer that Most of us can sit still, or at least what feels like it)
  6. Say affirmations. ( That are hung in various areas all around your house).
  7. Read something relevant, inspiring or listen to a podcast. Learn something new.
  8. Journal...write amazing, mind blowing, positive, prose that anyone who reads would suggest I publish
  9. Still being in a positive, abundant, excited mood.
  10. Eat. But NO SUGAR. Maybe smoothie, but be sure to add greens. Probably all greens. Just greens and wheat grass and acaí and chia. Maybe Omega 3's. Probably protein. And be full & satisfied and LOVE IT! Mmmmm.
  11. Shower.
  12. (Just learned-swish coconut oil around my teeth.)
  13. Stretch... Yoga... Then exercise... With fabulous, inspiring music that in new age and recently discovered by me...or the newest most relevant podcast or audiobook that inspires and teaches.
  14. Forget that you are already hungry. Be positive. Smile.
  15. Make a list of must do's today. ( By the way, it should not be later than 7 am by now ).
  16. Make lunch. ( Preferably it was made last night, with organic, gluten free,
  17. More water. Water. Water.
  18. Then start getting ready. Hair. Done but not too done. Perfect but float.
  19. Skin care. Sunscreen. Makeup, but such that it looks like there is no make up.
  20. Get dressed. Look amazing but no heels (bad angle for your spine), make sure your pants aren't too tight (for circulation) or skirt is the appropriate length. Look amazing. Compliment yourself.
  21. Check the clock...8am...Head out full of optimism & passion to change the world.
  22. ;)