I enjoy resolutions 😊 some small things, some big things, all things that can be measured and completed 💁🏻✔️
  1. Read 50 books
    I did this in 2014 and I loved it. I'll keep a running list on here
  2. Go to the doctor
    I keep putting this off
  3. Get new glasses
    I've worn contacts since 6th grade. I want to get some glasses so I can give my eyes a break. And look cute 🤓
  4. Walk to the grocery store
    There is a grocery store about a mile from my apartment and I've never walked there. I live in a city but I never walk anywhere. I want to change that.
  5. Stop reading comments on the internet
    Except ListApp (and HONY), reading comments on news stories or tweets makes me sad and scared for the world I live in. I don't need that in my life
  6. Accept compliments freely
    Stop downplaying or denying it when people say nice things about me
  7. Do things by myself
    I'm terrible at doing things by myself. I want to change this
  8. Find an exercise I enjoy
    This also requires exercising so that's probably good