I was born in 1989, these are the games I played in elementary school. Crazy how much things changed in those years
  1. Jeopardy
    @AMSBelle always won because she could read so much faster than the rest of us. Also those graphics are 💯
  2. Treasure Mountain
    Such a classic
  3. Super Munchers
    Number Munchers and Word Munchers too. So fun
  4. Oregon Trail
    I don't know anyone 20-35 who didn't play some version of this. I'm pretty sure I never made it to Oregon
  5. Windows Playroom
    I feel like no one else played this?
  6. You Don't Know Jack
    Another game that @AMSBelle played but I loved watching
  7. Slingo
    So many hours spent pulling the lever and abound Devils. Oh and the chat rooms and their codes!
  8. Reader Rabbit
    I think I only played this at school but I loved making the rabbit hop around on his bottom when I did something well
  9. Kid Pix
    So many hours spent creating ugly artwork on this thing
  10. Roller Coaster Tycoon
    My all-time favorite. I can't tell you how many hours I spent building and cleaning up parks. I know I can't start up again or I won't have a social life 😂
  11. I feel like there were more but I don't remember them 😩