I gave up sweets for lent. This is a list of the desserts I've been craving for the last 2 weeks
  1. Hershey Kisses + Reese's peanut butter chips
  2. Duck Donuts
  3. Tonight Dough
  4. I've cream sundae bar
    Today at work we had an ice cream bar. Ice cream, m&ms, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. First time ever, and I had to pass 😩
  5. Cookie cake slice from Great American Cookie Co
  6. Chipwich
  7. Ice cream sandwich
  8. Brusters
  9. Chocolate cake
  10. Chocolate mousse cheesecake
  11. Crepes
  12. Chocolate croissant
  13. Anything at Amelie's
  14. Culver's frozen custard
  15. Carvel
    Those little crunch things 😍 my high school boyfriend worked there and I loved visiting him at work for so many reasons haha
  16. Brownies
  17. Cream cheese frosting
    By the spoonful
  18. Yellow Cupcakes with Chocolate frosting
  19. Peanut butter m&ms
    This size please
  20. Shortbread
  21. Girl Scout cookies (Thin Mints)