There are so many ways to show someone you love them besides just saying the words. These are a few examples of how I know the people in my life love me ❤️(Quality time and physical touch are my love languages, which makes sense looking at this list)
  1. Remember facts/stories about me and reference them in conversation
  2. Plan fun things for us to do
  3. Invite me over just to spend time together
  4. Give me a hug
    Full body, both arms, extra long
  5. Watch my favorite tv shows with me
  6. Suggest items that you think I might like
  7. Try the things that I suggest for you
  8. Surprise me
  9. Tease me about my quirks
  10. Make phone calls for me
    I hate talking on the phone to strangers
  11. Make eye contact with me when we're in a room full of people and smile
  12. Ask me how I am and listen to the answer
  13. Teach me about your passions
  14. Initiate conversations
  15. Ask me questions
  16. Cook for me
  17. Laugh at my jokes
  18. Make conversation with the other important people in my life
  19. Forgive me when I make a mistake
  20. Give me advice when I ask for it
  21. Treat my passions with respect
  22. Let me know when I am being a pain in the ass/ridiculous/selfish
  23. Bring me something I collect
  24. Don't tell me how I should or should not be feeling