The things that give me anxiety if I don't have them on me at all times
  1. Clothes (duh)
  2. My sunglasses
    I wear them until it is pitch black out. And I would wear them inside if it was socially acceptable 😎
  3. My phone
    I'll admit, I'm addicted. It's bad but whatever.
  4. Cup of ice water
    I don't know what to do when I don't have my Tervis of ice water within arm's reach
  5. My work key
    I keep it on a lanyard around my arm and I'll reach for it even when I'm not teaching
  6. Make-up
    I only wear eyeliner/mascara daily but when I don't put it on? 🙈
  7. A hair band
    I wear my hair up 80% of the time, but if it's down I always want the option to put it up at a moments notice