I was thinking about ensemble casts and how they each play a role. These are the roles I think I play. What are your role(s) in your friend groups?
  1. Gives relationship advice
    But only when asked!
  2. Edits text messages for clarity
  3. Tells dirty jokes 😁
  4. Knows the celebrity gossip
  5. Makes pretty things
  6. Gives good hugs
  7. Is the shortest
    At 5'1" I'm always the shortest of my friends
  8. Watches a lot of tv
  9. Will come visit you
  10. Eats all the chocolate
  11. Has book recommendations
  12. Plans
  13. Stays up late
    This isn't so true now that I get up at 5:45 but it's still in my blood
  14. Is good with kids
  15. Kills plants
  16. Collects coasters and ampersands