Major events that I can picture exactly where I was and what I was doing when I found out it happened. What about you?
  1. A plane had hit the World Trade Center
    Probably the biggest event in my lifetime. Ms. Respess' 6th grade language arts class. We watched the footage on our tv in the room. Thankful I witnessed that piece of history
  2. Robin Williams died
    In a theater with all my fellow teacher candidates, listening to a presentation and the speaker opened the web browser and that was the headline. Everyone gasped at the same time
  3. JFK Jr's plane disappeared
    At my cousin's house on this little tv that was in a sitting room off their kitchen. I didn't really know who he was but I really hoped that the plane was found
  4. Atlanta Olympic Bombing
    I lived outside of Atlanta at the time. My grandpa called from California to check on us, I was asleep in my parents floor with my sister. We did that a lot as kids? Not sure why
  5. President Obama's 1st Inauguration
    Sitting in my then-boyfriend's hospital room because he had a heart arrhythmia issue
  6. John Glenn goes to space
    At my elementary school, watched after school because we had Jump Rope for Heart so we were there late
  7. The statue of Saddan pulled down
    On vacation in Destin, my friend and I then made up cheers on our balcony for America
  8. Bin Laden killed
    On my bed in my apartment in Atlanta, also probably the first major piece of news I first heard about first on Twitter
  9. Boston Marathon bombings
    Watching ESPN at my then-boyfriends house, I then went to NYC to my friend's and continued to follow the coverage
  10. President Obama winning presidential election
    I was in my 2nd year of teaching 3rd grade in rural high poverty area school in Scotland County, NC. (It does exist) and that next morning some of my students were commenting. The difference in comments between black and white students was shocking to me, most students were basically reciting what their parents had said!
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  11. When the planes hit the World Trade Center
    I was in my third year of college at KSU, we walked into our second EDU class of the morning( I remember it was a Tuesday) when we got in there were rumblings about the Pentagon being hit (no wifi or phones with Internet) so we continued class. About 15 mins into class we learned classes were cancelled for the day. "WTF is happening that would cancel classes?" Everyone walked out & got on their phones to CALL people. I went to a friend's apartment & we just stared at the TV for hours in shock.
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  12. Princess Diana's car accident
    We were in Ojai for a weekend with friends. We were shocked and sad for her sons.
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  13. Space shuttle Columbia exploded
    I was in high school, at home because it was finals week and I had a final that afternoon. Don't remember the subject but I do remember not paying much attention to that exam.
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  14. Princess Diana's car accident
    We were up at my grandparents lake house for the week and out to breakfast. My mom saw the headline in the one those newspaper boxes, asked my dad to buy the paper, read it and burst into tears.
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  15. The first post-9/11 bombing in Afghanistan
    I was laying on my parents' bed watching Good Morning America. It looked like fireworks and I couldn't understand how they had footage of the bombs landing (this was in 2002). I distinctly remember that ABC immediately had a "War on Terror" graphic.
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  16. When the planes hit the World Trade Center
    Home. My mom had been running errands and heard something on the radio and came rushing in and turned on the TV. We saw the second plane hit the tower and it was truly the most terrifying thing I've ever seen. I thought the world was ending.
    Suggested by @jessnobs
  17. 9/11
    I was daydreaming out the window of my 10th grade algebra II class when I saw the plane hit with my naked eyes. My school was on the Jersey City waterfront and this side of the building faves the towers exactly. I watched the second plane hit from my English class. Shortly thereafter we had to close the windows because smoke was billowing in.
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  18. Princess Diana died
    I was on vacation with my family in Toronto. We were staying in a motel with two adjoining rooms. My mom had just turned on the TV and they were reporting breaking news.
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  19. 9/11
    Was in class and the school shut down. I went to school in an area of Michigan that had a very large middle eastern population so the whole city was shut down quite quickly. My mum had just had surgery so my father came to get me and we all watched the news on the couch in our living was terrifying
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  20. Reagan was shot
    This was definitely my first of these. I was at the Hurt's house playing with my brother while my mom and Mrs. Hurt talked and I heard them talk about it. Then my mom talked about what it was like when Kennedy was killed.
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  21. Boston Marathon bombings
    I was on call in the ICU on night shift with my friend and colleague, Usman. We are both Muslim. In between coding patients, we both kept praying it wasn't a radicalized Muslim behind it (we got enough problems) responsible for the attacks, and followed a live feed of breaking news that was posted on Reddit. We were both crushed at the events themselves and even more during the ensuing manhunt. I remember feeling jittery from a combination of horror, lack of sleep, and caffeine.
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  22. The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster
    This was the second big one for us. On the news the night before there was a story about a problem with a hinge. Then at school my teacher called us in after lunch looking very somber and said there had been a problem with the shuttle. I couldn't figure out why she was being so serious about a hinge. All the classes met in the cafeteria to watch the news. Christa McAuliffe had been at our school a couple of months before. My brother had been chosen to try on the space suit. He was in the paper.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  23. Michael Jackson Dying
    Random one, but I was at my older sister's high school graduation and everyone (including the graduates) started checking their phones and whispering during the ceremony that Michael Jackson had died. Most people though it was a weird joke or prank at first.
    Suggested by @neanbean
  24. Boston marathon bombings
    I was in Washington, D.C. For a family vacation. The entire city was in high alert and I, being so much more paranoid than I should, couldn't enjoy myself at all
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  25. 9/11
    I was on the Staten Island ferry coming into Manhattan when the first plane hit. I had no idea and was late to family court in Brooklyn. The 1/9 was already shut down so I had to run to catch the 4/5/6. I saw billows of smoke and the air sparkling with broken glass and sheets of paper everywhere. I got on the last train out to Brooklyn and didn't know the extent of the situation until they closed down the court building and I was wandering the streets with thousands of others.
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