I am very grateful for my job and I have plenty of money to live on, but sometimes I daydream about what I would do with some extra money 💰
  1. Buy more than the 4 knives I currently own
    It's a pain in the ass to clean them twice per week
  2. Go to the doctor and not worry about how much it will cost me
  3. Get my nails done biweekly
    I love pedicures but I feel so wasteful spending the money on them 💅🏻
  4. Get a massage
    Never gotten one before, I think I need to change that
  5. Buy a new car
    A new car is in my future (mine has 145k miles on it) but who knows how I'll pay for it currently 😁
  6. Save money for a down payment on a condo
  7. Get a dog and send him/her to doggy daycare while I'm at work
  8. Visit my friends around the world 🌍
  9. Hire someone to clean my apartment
  10. Have fresh flowers in my apartment always 💐