Thanks Zac Brown Band for the title inspiration
  1. It's 6:00 and still light out
  2. I just drove to my apartment from my parent's and only hit 2 lights in a 30 minute drive
  3. Money for groceries
  4. Netflix
  5. Parks and Rec on Netflix
  6. A weekend full of people I love
    Even though it left me exhausted 😴 I am thankful I have so many people that I want to spend time with ❤️
  7. Making decisions for myself
  8. Batteries in my tv controller
    Only took me 6 months 😁
  9. Vent cover
    No more cold air blowing on my face all night
  10. Dinner I don't have to cook
  11. It's supposed to be 53 degrees tomorrow morningg
  12. I can go to bed soon 😴
  13. New (old) CDs in my car
    Hanson Live and Electric, Eric Hutchinson Sounds Like This, a rap mix I made in 2008 😂
  14. Live music
    At the bar Saturday night, I drank water and danced by myself. They covered Adele's Rolling in the Deep and it was spectacular 👌🏻