I grew up outside of Atlanta and have been a Braves fan all my life. This may be a rebuilding year but I'll take it. Happy Opening Day everyone!
  1. John Smoltz
    Smoltzy 😍 a Michigan man (like my parents) and all around good guy. I grew up with Ned Yost's kids (when he was the 3B coach for the Braves, now he's the Manager for the Royals) and he got Smoltz to come speak at my 5th grade commencement. Better than any other graduation speaker I've had
  2. Javy Lopez
    I mean, just look at him 😍
  3. Freddie Freeman
    All about that hug life
  4. Greg Maddux
    Maybe the best pitcher in my lifetime? Also he was my sister's 5th grade speaker
  5. Tom Glavine
    Can't leave him out of the trio
  6. Chipper Jones
    I wouldn't add him to my role models but he was one hell of a ball player
  7. Bobby Cox
    Not technically a player, but the greatest manager. Oh man I loved seeing him go to the mat for his players
  8. Jeff Francouer
    Hometown boy has made his way back. When from non-roster invite to Spring Training to making the Opening Day roster. I will always root for him
  9. And then the players that are now playing for other teams:
  10. Evan Gattis
    El Oso Blanco. I saw him play at spring training 2013 before anyone knew who he was. Always rooting for him. Plus he doesn't wear batting gloves which is so BA
  11. Peter Moylan
    I mean he's Australian and covered in tattoos. What's not to like?
  12. Martin Prado
    Please come back. You haven't played like you did with Atlanta
  13. Andrelton Simmons
    This one killed me this offseason. Simba is the best short stop in 30 years. He makes insane plays at least once per game like they were nothing.
  14. Craig Kimbrel
    Enjoy him, Padres fans. The best closer in baseball
  15. Jason Heyward
    J-Hey. He never quite lived up to his potential, but I miss having him on our side. I'm glad we don't play the Cubs often!