Welcome to my first teacher spring break. I highly recommend
  1. Starting with Monday since weekends I get off anyway
  2. Monday:
  3. I knew I was sleep deprived but that's impressive
    We'll see if I can keep it up all week
  4. Babysat this precious and amazing old man child for 5 hours
  5. Took a two hour walk around the park/greenway next to my house and listened to Gilmore Guys podcast
    It was spectacular and one of my favorite parts of living in Charlotte
  6. Ate Easter leftovers (salmon and corn soufflé) and watched The League until bed
  7. Tuesday:
  8. Woke up to an email from my mom telling me that Loft was having an amazing sale and to pick out some things I wanted and she'd buy them for me
    She's the best 🙌🏻
  9. Bought my ticket to fly in and out of Denver for my Yellowstone/Grand Tetons trip this summer
    And a ticket to the Rockies/Yankees game. ⚾️
  10. Got my nails done
    Mani/pedi...this happens like once per year. Treat yo self
  11. Sent out the first round of prints for my sister's charity hike
  12. Tonight I went to a Georgia Tech alumni event celebrating the capital campaign that raised $1.81 BILLION. Nbd
    I'm proud of myself for going because I didn't know anyone going and that's my #1 fear. George P Burdell is a GT joke, long story
  13. I wore a fancy dress
    Sending it to people to check if it works, head not important 😁
  14. And now I'm in pjs watching tv
    My natural habitat