I watched the newest episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (excellent show, don't judge the title) and it was about the different kinds of love we have in our lives and how we shouldn't out so much emphasis on romantic love. And then @jennamarie sent me list request and it sent me down a rabbit hole. So many pictures with so many special people in my life
  1. In no particular order:
  2. My best friend since 7th grade, Kelly. We have hundreds of inside jokes and no one gets me like she does
    Also, check out that flip phone!
  3. Laughing on the floor of Kellee's house...typical (and sober)
  4. On my initiation day (Phi Mu) with my big and big big "hazing" me
  5. 100% sober in this picture, that was Coke in my solo cup (seriously)
  6. The one time I was tan. Alyssa and I, Bid Day 2009
  7. With my big during one of my favorite parts of college, Dance Marathon
  8. Bid Day 2011
  9. Maybe my favorite day of college, Buckhead Beer Fest 🍻❤️
  10. Braves games with Kellee
  11. Sharing my photos with some campers in Kenya
  12. Taking a selfie with one of the parts of my heart I left in Kenya (Winni)
  13. Photo booth fun with Kellee and Jeremy at Tiffany's wedding
  14. More photo booth with more high school friends. We didn't become friends until senior year but they always make an effort to get together when I'm in town and I love seeing how their lives grow and change as we get older.
  15. Celebrating Tiffany at her wedding shower
  16. Palace fun in Vienna with Ayssa
  17. Palace fun in Vienna with Alexa
  18. My mom was so excited to cut my hair
  19. Took an impromptu road trip with these two a few weeks ago...and went to bed at 8:30 PM 😂
  20. This little man has about 80% of my heart
  21. I miss the days of grad school and babysitting him all the time, but I love that I still get to see the awesome kid he is growing into
  22. I've only known Erin for a year and a half but it feels like it's been a decade or so. I love finding people who just get me.
  23. Tiffany and her husband drove 2 hours just to have lunch with me. And Tiff texts me regularly just check in with me and see what's going on in my life...
  24. My college girls, we live all over the world but try to see each other at least twice a year, and plan fun vacations just because.
  25. Ashley and I have been through thick and thin together and I know that she always has my back
  26. My grandma is 86 and is the strongest person I know. Also the sweetest ❤️
  27. Beau, my 9 year old puppy. My first dog and he makes me work for his love but so worth it.
  28. Oh, Skyler. I got him as a Christmas present for my ex and although I don't see him very often anymore his reaction to me walking in makes it all worth it. Plus he's beautiful and the sweetest.
  29. She'll kill me if she knew I added this, but I read this note Alexa wrote me right before graduation whenever I'm feeling down.
  30. The fact that 10,000+ people like my art enough to re-pin it is pretty incredible to me
  31. Working at camp introduced me to so many incredible people and changed my life in hundreds of big and little ways.
  32. I am so incredibly lucky to have a family that I don't just love but also like.
  33. My cousins, their families, and aunt live in Michigan but we try to get together at least once per year
  34. My parents are the best and totally some of my best friends (in a completely normal way). Their support for me has gotten me through so much in my life
  35. My students make every day an adventure and I love getting to see how my love of art shapes even a small part of their lives. Plus the hugs are 👌🏻
  36. Hamp is me in guy form. Our conversations go in all sorts of directions but are always entertaining.
  37. Gasparilla, February, 2010. I love going through life with these people
  38. I didn't know if we'd all survive growing up together but I am so thankful I have these two in my life. I've learned so much from them and I know that will just continue as we get older