As a teacher I have plenty of time but not much 💰💰these are the places I want to go. Any tips, thoughts or donations 😉 are appreciated!
  1. Yellowstone/Montana
    New state to visit, beautiful views
  2. Ecuador/The Galápagos Islands
    Dream vacation. New country and continent. Beautiful views, new culture to experience.
  3. Ireland for the GT/Notre Dame game
    Technically this is Labor Day weekend (not my summer anymore) but it would be so fun to see Tech play in Ireland
  4. Amsterdam/Germany/Switzerland/France/Belgium
    Best friend lives in Amsterdam. Last summer we did AMS, Vienna, and Milan. I want to see more Europe
  5. Montreal/Vermont
    My dad has traveled to Montreal for work since I was in 6th grade. He flies to Vermont and drives over (company money should be treated like your own, one of his favorite lessons). I'm working on going with him this summer