I mean I don't think it will win any oscars but it should be nominated 🏆
  1. I cried laughing
  2. The sweaters
  3. JGL is just the cutest
  4. It's only somewhat predictable
  5. The female characters are secondary but none are ridiculous or irrational. Even the pregnant one! And the relationships seem like they actually trust and respect each other
  6. The Christmas music
  7. @mindy is perfect in it
  8. The love story isn't too cheesy
  9. Miley cameo
  10. Seth Rogan's beard is 👌🏻
  11. So many story lines but none got lost or drawn out
  12. The overarching theme of friendship lasting through life changes but embracing it rather than fighting it
  13. Did I mention it's hilarious?