Inspired by @BWN_7 and @kate81
  1. *North: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Here I am! May 2015, visiting my best friend who moved there last year 😊
  2. East: Kenya (Nairobi and the surrounding areas)
    December 2012, put on a camp for teenagers from the slums of Nairobi for a week. I also fed giraffes and pet orphaned elephant babies ❤️
  3. South: (Besides Kenya) Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
    One a cruise for Spring Break my senior year of college
  4. West: San Francisco
    With my family summer after 7th grade. We drove the 101 from the town of Solvang up there. It was beautiful but cold for July! (No pictures online, it was a pre-Facebook world)
  5. *my sister @AMSBelle pointed out that I've been to Dublin, which is slightly more north than Amsterdam. So here is my North pt 2
    Dublin (Howth): 12 hour layover between DC and Amsterdam, May 2015. Went to the cliffs/beaches of Howth and stayed awake after flying all night.