Taken May 2015 in Milan, Italy
  1. Static
  2. I'm starting at the beginning
  3. Freshman year of college I joined a sorority
  4. Two girls in my pledge class became two of my best friends
  5. Fast forward 6 years
  6. One of those girls (Alexa) moves to Amsterdam
  7. The other girl (Alyssa) and I plan a trip to go see her
  8. Part of that trip takes us to Milan 🇮🇹
  9. This also happened to be when the Expo was in Milan. We (Alexa) decide we have to go.
    The Expo is the new name for the World's Fair
  10. All the countries in the world had a building with an exhibit on food production and sustainability
  11. It was really cool
  12. But my favorite part were these chairs at the Italy pavilion
  13. They basically made you into a Weeble
  14. You wobble but you don't fall down
  15. I spent a good 15 minutes spinning around in them
  16. It made me ridiculously happy, hence the look on my face
  17. I also had just finished my lunch of pizza and beer but didn't want to get up to throw my trash away in case someone stole my chair
  18. And that's the story behind my profile picture