1. My Lent promises
    No desserts/sweets and no fried foods 😩 13 days left!
  2. My terrible stories
    I am notorious for telling long, pointless stories. Oops! I always think they're interesting and then halfway through I realize they're not.
  3. TV show episodes
    I will stop a tv show after a few episodes of I'm not feeling it (a list of those is coming) but I'll at least finish the episode
  4. Movies
    I can't fall asleep during a movie or turn it off, no matter how bad. I also don't watch many movies so I don't have to deal with this often
  5. Desserts
    I'm not a quitter
  6. School work
    I may be a nerd but it got me graduating with honors from Georgia Tech and a masters degree so I'll take it 💁🏻
  7. My 5 year journal
    Three lines per day, I'm on my 4th year. Cool to see what I was doing on this day in years past!
  8. My bucket list
    I doubt I will get to it all but I will keep trying!