I often feel like I haven't won anything in my life, but looking back at this list I've come in first more than a few times
  1. Reflections
    Kindergarten: PTA Reflections winner 🎨 I was probably the only one who entered but who cares
  2. Invention Convention
    2nd grade: County wide competition for inventions. I won for my idea of Better Sweater Pads...pads you put on your hangers to prevent those bumps in the shoulders. No clue why that's what I thought of but I guess the judges thought this was a major problem
  3. Bookmark contest
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    5th grade: my school library had a contest to design a bookmark that would be produced for the whole school to have. I won (see picture) still one of the coolest things I've done
  4. Geography Bee
    6th grade: I beat the entire middle school to win our geography bee. I then threw the test for the national bee so I didn't get labeled a nerd. I wrote about this in my essay to get into Georgia Tech so I think my inner nerd won in the end 💁🏻
  5. Cheerleading competitions
    I was a competition cheerleader from 7th grade until I broke my ankle sophomore year. We won lots of competitions because we're awesome
  6. Hula hoop contest
    I'm a champion hula hooper, one time I even won $5
  7. I think I need to enter more competitions 🏆