Not quite fun facts
  1. It will take me at least 3 days to wash the dishes
  2. If I am unsure about something I will procrastinate
  3. I take really hot showers
  4. I like asking questions
    I always want to know more about people and asking questions is the best way to do that
  5. I'm constantly thinking about food or sleep...or both
  6. I watch more tv than the average person
  7. I will never be a morning person
  8. I can't have a meal without a dessert
    I blame my mother. We always had a dessert with dinner growing up
  9. I hate silence
    Hence all the tv watching
  10. Tshirts and jeans will always be my go to outfit
  11. If I can recycle it I will
  12. If I love you I'll put your needs before my own
    Not always a good thing. I'm working on it...
  13. I think too much
  14. I should think before I speak more often
  15. I am more likely to buy something if it's pretty
    I'm a sucker for good packaging
  16. Same with grab bags
    They're irresistible to me. The savings! The mystery!
  17. I have a good sense of direction
  18. I would eat ramen every day if I could
  19. I hate the texture of most foods
  20. If I'm driving I'm probably annoyed
    Unless no one is on the road
  21. I hate losing
    So much so I avoid competition as much as I can
  22. I'm terrible at going slow
    Yoga is a struggle for me because it takes 3 minutes just to take a breath.
  23. I over explain and ramble
    Good luck getting me to tell you a quick story...
  24. I'm terrible at naps
    I like the idea, it's the execution I struggle with. I can watch tv in bed all day though 🙌🏻
  25. I don't watch many dramas
    Real Life is serious enough
  26. I have really weird dreams
    I remember most of them and I will probably tell you about them. Yeah I'm that person