December 2012 I went to Kenya to put on a camp for kids from the slums of Nairobi. Here are a few things I learned
  1. The Lion King writers were very lazy
    In Swahili lion=simba, friend=rafiki, crazy=zazu, girl=nala, etc. All the characters are just their description in Swahili 😂
  2. There are different types of Giraffes, all with their own spot patterns
  3. Giraffe thigh bones come up to my hip
  4. Muzungu means foreigner/white person
  5. You'll see more goats/donkeys/dogs/chickens/sheep than safari animals
    The only cool wild animals I was were some monkeys in the trees 🐒
  6. Elephants are very dry with corse hair
  7. Kibera is the largest slum in Kenya and the largest urban slum in Africa. People there live on less than $1/day
    We went into Kibera for church and to tour a school our first day in Kenya. It was definitely eye-opening. More information:
  8. Goat is very chewy 🐐
  9. Kenyans eat 5 meals a day, right up my alley
    Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner
  10. Kenyans don't eat much cheese (I missed this so much)
  11. I'm terrible at bargaining
  12. I'm much better with babies than high schoolers
  13. Kenyans are generous, warm, loving, and welcoming people
  14. I lead an incredibly privileged life