My mom got us tickets to see Wicked for my Christmas present. Of course it was for Friday night and Jonas ruined our plans. So we got make up tickets tonight and I sat fourth row 💁🏻
  1. Oz = The Capital
    Yo Hunger Games we know where you got it from
  2. I wonder how hard that green is to get off
  3. What did they do when it was snowing?
  4. They all have amazing voices
  5. I could do that. Minus the singing. And memorizing lines. And some of the dancing
  6. Ashley Parker Angel is the main guy lead
  7. Remember O-Town?
  8. He's still hella hott
  9. And he totally knows it
  10. Oh I know this song
  11. I bet Kristen Chenoweth was really good at this
  12. I love how everything ties together
  13. This is really long
  14. How can people sing this well?
  15. I need more musical theater in my life
  16. This is funny
  17. I had no idea there was a romantic story line...
  18. Excellent Christmas present mom 😊