1. I wore a skirt for the first time this year. I got about 50 comments on my outfit. Apparently I should dress up more 😁
  2. A student on the swings: "Ms. Mullen! Watch this! ...hold on I gotta get high first!"
    He was going to jump off the swings but the fact that he said that on 4/20 cracked me up 😂
  3. Overheard on the playground: "Guys! I know how you can tell when a boy likes you!"
    Unfortunately they started whispering and I never learned how I can tell 😩
  4. My normally crazy kindergarten class was so quiet and focused that I videoed them to show their teacher. I knew she would never believe me otherwise!
  5. My fourth grade class made clay desserts. Most turned out really cute!
  6. My fifth grade class made clay self-portrait busts...to mixed results 🙈 they have a hard time focusing on their work and only had one class period to get it done. They didn't believe me when I said they needed to get to hurry up!