It hasn't been a bad day, I just feel like the universe is conspiring against me 😩😩
  1. β€’
    I tore a button off my favorite shirt when I was putting it on 😩
    I must have buttoned it too high on the hanger and when I pulled it over my head the button ripped off. And now I can't find it πŸ€—
  2. β€’
    I got a better night's sleep last night than I have all week, yet I was more exhausted 😩
  3. β€’
    I had to give a lecture to my third grade class from yesterday after they behaved horribly in front of the principal 😩
    This is not my forte. Also, (most) students have no respect for authority and it's terrifying. But that's a whole separate list ☺️
  4. β€’
    I had two boys crying in my third grade class today for two separate reasons 😩
    One because he doesn't have a valentine (who worries about that in 3rd grade??) and one because the girls "always win in games and that makes the boys losers"
  5. β€’
    My boot camp was cancelled today because the instructor had to go out of town 😩
    Which I, of course, forgot and rushed to pack a bag for it in the morning. And I didn't get my work out on πŸ™ŒπŸ»
  6. β€’
    Ran out of things to watch on Netflix and Hulu 😩
    I didn't know this was possible. I just really want more Jane
  7. β€’
    I stood on a solid wood chair in my room to adjust the vent on my ceiling (it blows cold air on my face all night and drives me crazy) and the seat cracked in half. Didn't know that was even possible 😩
  8. β€’
    Let's home tomorrow is kinder to me πŸ™ŒπŸ»