I only have a handful of useful talents, but my useless talents seem to multiply
  1. Staying awake during a movie
    I don't care how late it is or how bad the movie is, I can't fall asleep during a movie
  2. Picking out an Instagram filter
  3. Memorizing song lyrics
  4. Tuning people out
  5. Completing USA today crossword puzzles
  6. Knowing when someone is about to merge without a turn signal
  7. Yawning with my mouth closed
    Mastered during rush. So little sleep, so many conversations
  8. Taking pictures out the car window while driving
  9. Spotting coasters
  10. Reading/writing backwards
  11. Seeing when something is crooked
  12. Hula hooping
    I once won $5 in a hula hoop contest, other than that pretty useless