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    Jane the Virgin
    I've heard of this show but I've never watched it until this week. And now I'm obsessed! It's funny, sweet, there's murder, a love triangle, and my favorite part, you actually have to pay attention. There is so much going on and each episode ends with a cliff hanger. I've watched 20 episodes in 4 days 😁
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    Way of Life
    A goal tracker app, I did this last year on paper but this app makes life so much easier. I have 12 things I am working towards (walking 8k steps, not drinking soda, doing a hobby, etc) and I can check off whether or not I've done those things each day.
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    One Second Everyday
    You record one second each day and this app complies it into one video. I've done this all week and it's a fun challenge for me to think of parts of my life to record
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    Hershey kisses and Reese's peanut butter chips
    I've been eating these together while watching Jane the Virgin ❤️
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    Weekend trips to Miami with your best friends 💁🏻👙🌴☀️
    ✌🏻️out cold weather, I'll be enjoying the sun