Today is my first official snow day as a teacher ❄️
  1. Go to bed late
    11:45 vs 9:45 🙌🏻
  2. Wake up late
    8:00 vs 5:45 🙌🏻🙌🏻
  3. No make up
  4. PJs all day
  5. Staying at my parents' house
    I really didn't want to be stuck in my apartment alone with little food for a few days
  6. Watching trash tv all day
  7. Laziness
  8. Another long weekend
    4-day weekend last weekend, now a 3-day weekend
  9. I don't see my Friday classes (again)
    Due to our schedule/weather I've seen my Friday classes once since December 11th 😳
  10. Our February teacher work day is now a regular school day
    No more free days off of school, any days we miss have to be made up later in the year 😩
  11. My front yard ❄️