The tasks I do besides actually teaching. For the record I teach art in an elementary school and I have 28 K-5 classes
  1. Bulletin boards
  2. So
  3. Many
  4. Bulletin boards
  5. Material prep
  6. Lesson planning
  7. Bus duty
    At 7 am 😳
  8. Covering other people's duties
  9. Cleaning materials
  10. Putting together the yearbook
  11. Emails with parents
  12. Assigning seats
    And reassigning seats when students don't get along/get along too well
  13. Mediating arguments
    So many arguments
  14. Testing projects/creating examples
    My favorite side part of my job maybe
  15. Gathering tracking data to prove I'm teaching them something
  16. Coordinating lessons with what they're learning in their classrooms