First Few Purchases if I Won the Lottery

As the lottery was in to the billions of dollars, discussion at our house came up about what to do with all that money..... It was then that I realized, I am so boring! I gotta give this more thought.
  1. Erase all debt
  2. Build dream home (or purchase historic mansion)
  3. Provide for family (investing for future)
  4. Chunk of money to church
  5. That New York apartment
  6. Mercedes M class
  7. This ring from Tiffany's
  8. 3 of these!
  9. 3 of these!
  10. Chunk to extended family
  11. Mental health mission donation to Avera
  12. Money to college (?Columbia, Augie, SDSU) establish a college scholarship for an average kid...good grades, good student, but NOT top 1%