1. "We just really love our freedom."
    Yeah, I'm not a big fan of freedom. One day my husband and I looked at each other and said, "You know what I hate? Freedom. Let's have kids!" Most of the time, the people who say this don't do much with their "freedom" anyway. So what you mean by "we love our freedom" is "we love to go to bars and drink our faces off 5 nights a week and lay around the house staring at the tv on the weekend." That's cool, but just say that instead of pretending you do all sorts of cool shit with your freedom.
  2. "Kids just cost too much."
    So you've done the value analysis and have determined the return on investment just isn't there for you? Tell me, what's the "right price"? If the price dropped, would you consider having kids then? Of course kids cost a lot of money! They are little humans! But really. I'd love to know how much ISN'T too much.
  3. "We like to sleep in."
    This one's right up there with freedom. Ask 100 parents if they'd sleep in if given the chance, and you'll get 100 emphatic yeses. People don't have kids because they DON'T like to sleep in.
  4. Some totally legit and not at all annoying reasons for not having kids:
  5. "We aren't ready."
  6. "We can't have kids."
  7. "We don't want kids."