Inspired by @sortaawesomemeg and her totally awesome podcast, Sorta Awesome.
  1. Waking up slowly to daylight, laying in bed for a while, dozing in and out for a bit, rolling out of bed to calm, quiet, and no obligations.
    Also known as The Ultimate Fantasy of Moms Everywhere.
  2. Books and shows that tell multiple seemingly separate stories that come together to be intertwined at the end.
  3. Kids with manners.
  4. Historical fiction TV shows.
    Rome, Deadwood, Hell on Wheels. Shows like that.
  5. Big, bulky, comfy sweaters.
  6. Feeling your baby move inside your belly.
    Probably sounds weird to people who have never been pregnant. But it is an incredibly awesome feeling.
  7. Spring.
  8. Hyacinths.
    Beautiful and smell heavenly.
  9. Sorta Awesome Hangout Facebook group.
  10. I'm just going to say all podcasts on my Fave Podcasts list (currently in draft).
  11. Amazon Prime.
  12. MBTI
    INTJ here.
  13. The Walking Dead
    The show and the comic.
  14. Parenthood
    The TV show and actual parenthood.
  15. 90's music
    Especially grunge.
  16. Cheese.
    Especially sharp cheddar. Yeah, I'm not a cheese snob.
  17. Coffee. Good coffee.
  18. Curling up in a big, comfy chair with a cup of coffee and a good book. Especially if it's raining outside.
  19. Leopard print flats.
    It's basically a neutral.
  20. Kimonos.
  21. Nachos.
  22. Real books with paper pages.
    Don't get me wrong. I like eBooks. I read eBooks. They make it possible for me to borrow books from the library while wearing a robe and slippers. But there's just something about real paper books.
  23. Pearl Jam.
    Deserves a separate mention from 90's music
  24. Historic buildings.
  25. Road trips.
  26. The Caribbean.