1. James Reynolds - Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds
    Blake, traditionally a boy name, is now gender neutral. We'll see if James swings in the same direction. 😻 😍💁🏻 for gender/name equality. Especially since Meredith, my sister's name, was traditionally a male name.
  2. Briar Rose Christensen - Rachel Bilson, Darth Vader
    I'm all for Disney themed names. Quirk factor up there, but lower than what it would be had they named child Sleeping Beauty.
  3. Elsie Otter - Zooey Deschanel and sadly not Joseph Gordon Levitt
    At first glance, Elsie seems innocuous and adorable. Then you realize that Elsie is merely a verbal setup to name the girl, "the sea otter." Still adorable. 🐶 (sea otters are basically dogs of the sea, and there is no sea otter emoji).
  4. Silas Randall Timberlake - Jessica Biel, JT
    Justin Timberlake, I expected more from you, but with Mrs. Boring as the mother, it makes sense to name the boy after a 95 year old. Or Blair Waldorf's stepfather. ***I'm sure Jessica is actually lovely and my opinion is merely a projection of jealousy.
  5. Arlo Day Brody - Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen
    What would Queen B's minions think?! A quirky name equals a perfectly normal name for the Upper East Side prepsters. Hopefully Arlo can catch a Bass? Maybe Chuck's son..🐠