1. First photo taken at the farm
    don't mind my awkward smile
  2. Classic mushroom fountain
    hydrate your skin then apply SPF
  3. $6 takes you around a few times
  4. Homies
    I think this was at the Lolawolf set
  5. Bonnaroo sunsets
    No filter
  6. favorite totem because also me
  7. Members of the squad
  8. J. Cole
    And then he brought out Chance and I died
  9. M83
  10. Loling at my friends as they sleep
  11. Ran into a gem from high school
  12. On the Ferris wheel
  13. Let's talk about how much I cried
  14. Magic w/ bae
  15. Dead & Co from the back
    Perfect ending to the festival cc: @john
  16. Music, friends, and positive energy
    See ya later Roo.