Disclaimer: This doesn't state the obvious emotional reasons why living with the love of your life is the greatest; it's moreso a list of practical things I hadn't thought of before he moved in. ❤️ you, @BWF.
  1. He's basically like a human Google machine
    I can ask any question about any random subject at any time during the day and he will be able to answer it. Have questions about US foreign policy? Origins of a curse word? The French economy? LilIth Fair lineup in 1998? He's got the answers.
  2. It's like living with a bartender
    My fiancé makes the best drinks, which makes for great entertaining and really enjoyable nights in. He can also saber champagne, which is the best party trick ever.
  3. He does things I really don't want to do
    Killing spiders, cleaning our cat's food bowl, the list goes on for so long it could be its own list.
  4. He loves and understands cars
    He does things like change his own headlights, and actually knows what's up when you pop the hood of a car. It's made me a lot less intimidated by them.
  5. I get access to his wardrobe
    He has a lot of treasures in his wardrobe that I like stealing - namely the old Harvard sweaters.
  6. He's the most proactive person I've ever met
    While my attitude is mostly like, that can wait another day - his is like, let's do it now and it'll be over before you know it. This prevents me from putting off things changing the sheets. There is also never a moment wasted when we have time for housework and errands, which maximizes productivity.
  7. He's the best person to watch TV or movies with
    I am the type of person who has a lot of questions about the things I watch; I like to know the history, the background - any old factoid will do, really. I can ask any question imaginable and he knows the answer, no matter how obscure. Like, you could ask about the 12-year-old Irish actor in the background of a battle scene and he knows their life story.
  8. He does things adults should do but I would never think to do
    For example, he polishes the silver frames we have. He also takes incredible care of his shoes and is able to brush or polish stains or scratches out of mine as well.
  9. Extra pair of hands
    It's just really wonderful to have someone to help out, especially as I previously lived alone. Most things are much easier when done with another person - moving furniture, unloading groceries - but to be honest, another person is most helpful when the task is cat-related. If you have a cat, you know that trimming their claws, giving them eye drops, giving them pills, grooming them, cleaning their eyes, taking them to the vet, and brushing their teeth are all two-person jobs.
  10. Built-in dance partner
    Sometimes you just want to groove with someone, and he is always willing - music or no music.