No secret I'm obsessed with the 90s and really miss the fashion and beauty of that decade. I know 90s lists are done to death, but it kind of made my day to compile this and reminisce. I recommend playing Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" in the background while you read.
  1. Juicy Tubes
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    The stickiest, ever.
  2. Tendrils
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    Any updo absolutely had to have these two pieces left in front of your face. Pro Tip: Don't wear this style with Juicy Tubes on your lips, unless you want to pick hair off your lips all night.
  3. Body Glitter
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    Body glitter came in so many forms - gel, roll-on, spray...endless possibilities. Bonus points if your body glitter was somehow scented.
  4. Frosted Lipstick
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    ...I actually think this is such a good look and might try to recreate it this weekend...
  5. Butterfly Clips
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    The more, the merrier - as illustrated by 90s goddess SMG.
  6. Other style of butterfly clips
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    Their wings fluttered!
  7. Brown lipstick/lipliner
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    A trend I was really sad to see die.
  8. Crimped hair
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    Not as sad about this one.
  9. Juice Bar Body Sprays
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    Cotton Candy + Gummy Bear were the two best flavors, for sure.
  10. Chanel Vamp nail polish
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    So good. So, so good.
  11. Pigtails
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    Baby Spice was my idol.
  12. Little buns
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    Much like butterfly clips, as many as you could fit on your head at one time. Or just classic pigtail buns.
  13. Hard Candy nail polishes
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    Baby blue (not pictured) was my signature shade.
  14. Mac Lipglass
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    Wear this over your brown lipstick and you are 🔥🔥🔥
  15. These ponytails
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    I actually sport these ponytails on the regular.
  16. Headbands of this variety
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    These are actually really practical. Great for PE class. My other 90s girl idol, Alicia Silverstone, wore them well.
  17. And this variety
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    Jaws of life required to actually get the apparatus out of your hair, but looks fly when in.
  18. Center part with symmetrical barrettes
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    Make sure the barrettes have rhinestones on them.
  19. Blue eyeshadow
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    Much like all blue cosmetics, not flattering for any eye color or skin tone, really - but a classic nonetheless.
  20. Overdeveloped biceps
    Suggested by @Jen
  21. rachel perry lip lovers
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    Suggested by @lindsaygelfand
  22. CKOne
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    Suggested by @alissamaynot