Itinerary: A Couple of Perfect Days in San Francisco

My fiancé and I just spent four days in San Francisco. We live in LA, and oddly I have only been to San Francisco once in my adult life and he hardly ever goes for reasons not related to work. I was very excited about how much we accomplished in the limited time we were there, so wanted to share our itinerary.
  1. Day 1: Arrive at hotel, have a drink at hotel bar before dinner
  2. Dinner at Central Kitchen with @BWF's childhood friends
    We couldn't get into Flour + Water where everyone told us to go, but this is from the same restaurant group and was also delicious.
  3. Day 2: Wake up, walk to Blue Bottle for a pour over and a Liege waffle
  4. After Blue Bottle, drive to Berkeley and see the campus
    I got to see where my entire paternal side of the family went to college! Pictured here is me in front of my dad's fraternity house.
  5. Lunch at Chez Panisse Café
    Cozy atmosphere, fresh and no-fuss California cuisine - as close to perfect as they come. We had soup, salad, pizza, and a beautiful Napa red. Pictured is dessert; Pink Lady and Marsala currant galette with candied orange ice cream.
  6. Walk Telegraph Avenue, see Amoeba and shop for books at Moe's
    I always buy the book written in or about the place from the original bookstore. Pictured here is the copy of Michael Chabon's Telegraph Avenue I picked up.
  7. Go back into the city, stop into Bell'occhio for beautiful paper goods and chocolate
    This store is owned by a sweet woman and has existed in Hayes Valley for over 27 years. It's the most charming space, filled to the brim with antique French ribbon, sewing supplies, and stationery; it was definitely made for me and I wanted to move in. I picked up the ribbon to tie my wedding bouquets while I was there.
  8. Go to Bi-Rite Creamery, eat while walking around a very chilly Dolores Park
    I got a scoop of Roasted Banana and a scoop of Cookies and Cream (made with Newman-Os!). Both were 😋😋😋.
  9. Go back to hotel, get ready for New Years Eve
    Enjoy watching the last sunset of the year from our window.
  10. Start the night with a drink at The Palace Hotel
    Manhattans & Martinis
  11. Proceed to The Battery for their NYE Party
    Undoubtedly one of the coolest-ever private clubs. Such a beautiful space and an unbelievable party.
  12. Cut Copy plays
  13. Watch fireworks from the roof overlooking the bridge
    Share a New Years kiss and toast with champagne in coupes.
  14. Day 3: Wake up, go to Burma Superstar
    We didn't have to wait in line at all because we got there right when it opened on New Years Day, but as I understand it the lines are often very long. The Samosa soup, Tea Leaf salad, and Rainbow salad were all just excellent. The food was some of the most flavorful and interesting I've ever had.
  15. From there, head to St. Mary's Cathedral
    This place is so stunning. My fiancé and I are obsessed with architecture and this was the site we were most excited to see.
  16. Take in views from Inspiration Point in the Presidio Park
  17. Coffee Break
    I LOVED Philz. Very pleased to learn we have one in LA.
  18. Photo op in front of the Painted Ladies
    Sadly no sign of the Tanner family.
  19. House tour of Pacific Heights
    Glorious in every single way. It's good to be a person living in an old-world brick mansion on Broadway overlooking the bay.
  20. Drive Lombard Street
    Takes a million years, so many tourists and so much terrible traffic. I felt so bad for the people who live on this very steep and crowded hill. Will never do this again.
  21. Browse books at City Lights
    Bought a copy of Howl.
  22. Relax before dinner
  23. Dinner at Tosca Cafe
    Gorgeous room with an old-school feeling but with a modern Italian April Bloomfield menu and the best cocktail program ever.
  24. Day 4: Breakfast Burritos at The Little Chihuahua
  25. Head home
  26. 👋🏻 San Francisco!