Places My Cat Sits

It is a universal truth that wherever cats fit, they'll sit. Here are some interesting spots in which you might find Vesper.
  1. On the floor, perched over the base of our dining table
    She sits like this for at least a few minutes every day
  2. On the arms of chairs
    No matter how thin the arm of the chair is
  3. In between things
    She especially likes it if she fits perfectly
  4. In very high places
    Photo credit goes to @amyjean, who came over and saw her like this
  5. On my bed
    She takes up a shocking amount of room
  6. On my head
    Often in the middle of the night or when I'm trying to read
  7. In shoeboxes
    Or any boxes, really
  8. On bookshelves
    Should probably get her a cat tree
  9. On my desk
    Often walking all over the keyboard in the process
  10. At the dinner table with us
    She is treated like a (human) member of the family, in case you couldn't already tell
  11. On chairs made for people
    She favors this blue one
  12. Under people's dresses
    She's a bit of a purrvert (@Nicholas)
  13. On the edge of the tub
    This one makes me very nervous as she fell in once and it wasn't pleasant
  14. On the bathroom counter
    I haven't had privacy in a year
  15. On the scale at the vet's office
    She weighs 7 pounds, in case you were wondering
  16. And lastly, on my lap
    She's the greatest and I'm a crazy cat lady