Places My Cat Sits, Pt. Ii

Here are some additional places you'll often find our cat sitting.
  1. On donut boxes
    Ordered donuts for @BWF's birthday, Vesper was in love with them and wouldn't leave their side
  2. Leaning up against things
    Maxin' relaxin' all cool
  3. In drawers
    Or cabinets - she loves small spaces, unlike her claustrophobic humom
  4. In bags
    Any and all manner of bags; paper, canvas, leather - if you carry things around in it, she wants to sit inside
  5. On my bedside table
    So she can stare at herself in the reflective surface of my lamp
  6. On the couch
    With her arms outstretched, looking down at her royal subjects
  7. Under the bar
    Or under anything, actually - cats like to hide sometimes, which I get
  8. In her carrier
    The Sleepypod is the best carrier ever, for all you cat parents out there
  9. In chairs next to me
    I'm better at writing thank you notes than she is
  10. In chairs on me
    She loves sitting on my lap
  11. On the counter
    Probably should've tried to curb this behavior when it first started
  12. On the dining table
    Not sure why she looks so unamused
  13. In this bowl
    For some reason cats love sitting in large bowls