Here are some additional places you'll often find our cat sitting.
  1. On donut boxes
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    Ordered donuts for @BWF's birthday, Vesper was in love with them and wouldn't leave their side
  2. Leaning up against things
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    Maxin' relaxin' all cool
  3. In drawers
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    Or cabinets - she loves small spaces, unlike her claustrophobic humom
  4. In bags
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    Any and all manner of bags; paper, canvas, leather - if you carry things around in it, she wants to sit inside
  5. On my bedside table
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    So she can stare at herself in the reflective surface of my lamp
  6. On the couch
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    With her arms outstretched, looking down at her royal subjects
  7. Under the bar
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    Or under anything, actually - cats like to hide sometimes, which I get
  8. In her carrier
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    The Sleepypod is the best carrier ever, for all you cat parents out there
  9. In chairs next to me
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    I'm better at writing thank you notes than she is
  10. In chairs on me
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    She loves sitting on my lap
  11. On the counter
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    Probably should've tried to curb this behavior when it first started
  12. On the dining table
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    Not sure why she looks so unamused
  13. In this bowl
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    For some reason cats love sitting in large bowls