Reasons Why Cats Make Wonderful Pets

DISCLAIMER: I know people are going to comment something about dogs being the best. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE dogs + have had them all my life, but 71% of shelter cats are euthanized compared to 54% of dogs. I'd like to take this list to honor the little feline in my life and hopefully encourage someone to rescue a cat one day. 😸
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    They're snuggly
    Cats will sit on your lap, love on you, and crawl all over you. Mine cuddles and makes biscuits on me every day.
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    They're funny
    My fiancΓ© and I laugh at our cat's quirky behavior all day long. It's endlessly entertaining and always makes us smile.
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    They're low maintenance
    They're relaxed and are happy just to hang around while you go about your tasks.
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    They're playful
    My fiancΓ© and I play all kinds of fun games with our cat; we hide things for her to find or have her fetch small toys. It's so nice to turn your brain off and just play with your pet for a while.
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    They're loyal
    They will run to the door and welcome you home, they'll follow you everywhere, they'll even watch you in the bathroom and shower. You'll never have privacy again but HEY it's worth it I promise
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    They can be alone
    Need to leave your house for a few hours? Your cat is happy to sleep while you're gone. Also if you're traveling, you don't need to board cats. Someone going to your place 2x per day to feed and check on them is enough.
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    They groom themselves
    Cats spend a third of their waking life grooming themselves. They are very clean, but brushing them is good for them and they love it.
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    They're content and easy to please
    Watching TV with you or playing with a paper bag is enough for most cats. As long as they're fed, they're not at all demanding.
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    They're smart
    You can teach a cat something and they'll learn quite quickly, as evidenced by how fast cats learn to use the litter box.
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    They're comforting
    There are few things more wonderful than curling up on a rainy day with a blanket and my kitty, who will lie with me for hours. There is science behind why it's healing for people to be around purring cats. Check out this infographic about it:
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    They're kinda strange
    Cat behaviors can appear very unusual, which is I think part of why people are afraid of them. Once you'll get to know your cat, you'll grow to understand their behavior and know them, as animals, really well. I love my cat's oddness.
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    They kill pests
    Bugs, rats, mice - cats will catch them all! Thankfully I don't have any of those, so Vesper catches toy ones instead.
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    They don't need much space
    Cats actually love small spaces and do very well in apartments.
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    They're easy to talk to
    Because they are very good listeners.
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    They're the best nap buddies around
    Cats are always happy to nap alongside their beloved humans (they're nocturnal and do most of their sleeping during the day!)
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