He just moved into my apartment. Here are the most interesting and hilarious things I packed and unpacked.
  1. Story of the Irish Race
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    And maybe 9 other books about the history of the Irish/being Irish.
  2. What it Takes: The Way to the White House
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    Keep trying to force him to read this cause I'd really like to be the First Lady. He also owns 10+ biographies of US Presidents and 30+ books on national security/foreign policy (and yet he still claims to not want to be President)
  3. A riding crop
    "It was part of a costume!"
  4. A really fancy replica of a lightsaber
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  5. Ostrich cowboy boots
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    From the time he went to Texas.
  6. A squash jersey from the Four Seasons Doha
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  7. Harvard memorabilia
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    This is like 1/5 of it.
  8. The braces that Bud Fox wears in the original Wall Street
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  9. Christmas Card from a Club Promoter in Vegas named "Shotts"
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