Things I thought were ✨ on my first childhood visits from the UK
  1. Tommy Girl perfume
    Rivaled by CK One.
  2. Abercrombie & Fitch
    Mostly the naked dudes outside (aren't they cold? Why don't I think this is attractive everyone else seems to) and the overwhelming cologne odor.
  3. Saved by the Bell
    Zach and Kelly 4eva.
  4. Fruit Gushers
    Still incredible. All those E numbers!
  5. The Mall
    So... People just hang out here?
  6. Cornrows on the beach (Florida)
    Did it. Regret it. Moving on.
  7. Flamin' hot cheetos
    More E numbers!
  8. Sweet Tea
  9. Sweet Valley High
    Blondes seem to have more fun! And get into more trouble!
  10. Hershey's Kisses
    Still a basic b weakness for me.
  11. "Have A Nice Day"
    Will never get used to it.