4+ years of rowing is a lot of time on the water.
  1. What makes a good handshake
    Seriously, this was day one. Stuck with me forever.
  2. Recycle
    Every practice, our entire team was required to do 100 jumpies for every plastic water bottle left in the boat house the day before.
  3. Hard work
    Despite how fit Frank Underwood is, rowing is not easy. 2K erg days were the worst. I still get a little queasy when I see a rowing machine.
  4. Responsibility
    When part of your job as captain is to make sure the massive boats on the trailer don't fly away on the highway, you triple check those straps.
  5. Teamwork
    Nine people. One goal.
  6. Focus
    The starting line is an incredibly stressful place. We would practice meditation and breathing so we were prepared to tune out the noise and hone in on our races.
  7. Just keep going
    My favorite thing that I learned as a rower is that everything is temporary. When I left for work on my bike this morning, I had no idea how hard it was raining. I didn't have the right jacket and knew I would end up soaked. Why did I keep going? Because I've rowed in worse: snow, torrential downpours and many cold, early spring mornings. And though it was miserable at the time, it always ended. So how's that for a corny life lesson? Just keep going.