What Gilmore Girls gets wrong about New England

As much as I love Gilmore Girls, it's hard not to notice certain inaccuracies that come with television. But what bugs me the most are the mistakes related to New England. Born and raised in Western Massachusetts, spotting these throughout the series never gets old (and not in a good way).
  1. Lack of appropriate winter outerwear
    No one in Stars Hollow knows how to dress for any season, really, but the supposedly frigid winter season makes this fact obviously. There's NO WAY a light, unbuttoned peacoat and a thin scarf is warm enough when there's snow outside. Worst offender: Season 5, episode 11, "Women of questionable morals"
  2. The "hills" of Connecticut
    New England's topography does include hill. There are even some mountains! But most of them aren't in Connecticut, and they're definitely not 30 minutes outside of Hartford. And yet there are countless shots of the Lorelei and Rory walking around town with massive LA mountains behind them. My favorite hills to hate watch? The ones behind Logan's driveway on Martha's Vineyard. Worst offender: Season 6, episode 15: "A Vineyard Valentine"
  3. Nantucket v. Martha's Vineyard
    There are boat loads (pun intended ⛵️) of wealthy people who own vacation homes on Martha's Vineyard, but there are a good number of tourists, too. (Hello, Obama family.) Nantucket, however, is on a whole other level because the island is smaller and harder to get to. And everything about the Huntzbergers says exclusivity. He's been known to offer up his limo and driver for the day and arrive at hospitals via helicopter. Worst offender: Season 5, episode 14: "Say something."